Use OPT for all your classes

OPT is a web application that enables faculty to deliver more engaging lectures by learning from their student feedback.

Interactive Class Lecture

Launch your poll questions about your lecture and get real-time feedback from your students.

Get Students Feedback Every Time

Interactively approach all your students’ thoughts about your lecture and use it to enhance learning in any subject.

Launch your poll inside or outside of class

Anonymous answers

Get honest answers from your students anonymously.

Class voting

Allow students to vote on responses they most agree with.


Engage students with healthy competition by displaying their responses in real time on the leaderboard. Make the class more fun by starting head to head game to answer poll questions and compete based on time and correctness.

No Fee/Subscription Needed, Everything is Free

All you need is your mobile device, good internet connection, and a web browser to create, manage, answer, and analyze polls. No more monthly fee or subscription.

No Installation Needed

Your students will use the mobile devices they have at hand like their phones, tablets, and laptops. They can access your poll through a web browser.

Automate Poll Creations, Taking, and Results

You can create, manage, and view the results using your mobile devices while in class. No need to print out questionnaires to hand out to your students. Results can be visualized and analyzed using the same mobile device.

Ask Many types of Questions


Increase student’s interaction by typing in their responses, then see results automatically summarized.

True or False

Get fast results by asking a True or False questions to your students and automatically visualize their responses using our graphs.

Multiple and Single Choice

Have your students choose one correct answer, or even multiple correct answers, from your list of choices.


Get your students engaged by entering numerical answers, both whole numbers and decimals are accepted.

Real time result to gauge class performance

Dynamic reporting and exporting of poll results

Visualize their responses with intuitive bar and pie graphs and summary list.

Track results

Track class improvement over time, see how different classes performed, and compare their responses.