Intro to GIS Pre-Class Poll: Summary

1. What city and country are you from? (ex: Tokyo, Japan)

  • Choice Value
    Toronto, Canada 1
    Los Angeles, USA 3
    Rochester, NY, USA 1
    Mechanicsburg, USA 1
    Murrieta, United States 1
    los angeles, United states 1
    China 1
    London, England, and Los Angeles, USA 1
    Los Angeles 1
    Portland, Oregon, United States 1
    Watsonville, United States of America 1
    Paris 1
    india 1
    Irvine, California 1
    Kalamazoo, MI, USA 1
    Seoul, South Korea 1
    San Diego, US 1
    Los Angeles, California 1
    mexico city, mexico 1
    San Diego, California 1
    Kula, USA 1
    San Salvador, El Salvador 1
    Novara, Italy 1
    Tehran, Iran 2
    Thousand Oaks, CA 1
    Shiraz, Iran 1
    Pueblo, USA 1

2. What do you expect to learn from this workshop?

  • Choice Value
    Understand basics of GIS 1
    email from ucla library 1
    The basics of GIS 1
    Basics of GIS 3
    Introduction to the basics of GIS 1
    How to use gis i suppose 1
    the basic method to use GIS 1
    the absolute basics 1
    Basic GIS mapping skills 1
    I hope to get a more comprehensive understanding of what GIS is and develop a better understanding of the different tools I can use to visualize geographical data. 1
    What GIS is 2
    pretty geographic plots 1
    Basics of using and interpreting GIS mapping 1
    Basic GIS skills 1
    how to map and estimate distrance 1
    How to incorporate GIS in my research 1
    How to represent spatial data 1
    Some applications for GSI as it relates to Digital Humanities and how to do some basic functions. 1
    mapping data 1
    basics of GIS 1
    Basic GIS 1
    GIS 2
    Put data into Google maps 1
    To learn how to use GIS to map data for the workplace 1
    Introductory GIS 1
    How to use GIS for reading and creating landscape scale models 1

3. In a few words, what is your research about?

  • Choice Value
    Child labor and long term effects in India 1
    health disparities in South LA 1
    Gender gaps in labor market and entrepreneurship 1
    Economics 1
    Epidemiology Reproductive Health 1
    plotting home prices within a radius of a park 1
    international economics 1
    ritual musical organizations in southwest China and Burma 1
    Transportation and income 1
    Interaction between the built environment and society 1
    Photography about the punk rock scene in Los Angeles. 1
    Climate of other planets 1
    i'm a research statistician for a movember funded multinational study 1
    Industrial energy use 1
    Indigenous and Afrodescendant territories and governance in Central America 1
    Economics, finance 1
    estimated travel distance to healthcare treatments 1
    Community college in border towns and Latinx student identities 1
    18th century German settlers around Poznan, Poland 1
    Environmental Narratives in Contemporary US Fiction 1
    understanding use of GIS in mapping archives 1
    scientific infrastructure 1
    Environment 1
    Conservation biology 1
    German contemporary culture 1
    Computer simulation of materials 1
    Soil structure interaction, wave propagation, BE-FE coupling 1
    practical mapping for jobs 1
    Water Resource Management 1
    Hunter Gatherer Archaeology 1

4. Have you used GIS before?

  • Choice Value
    Yes, all the time 2
    Sometimes 9
    Never 19

    Total Participants Count =