Terms of Use

This agreement governs the use of the Online Polling Tool (OPT) located at http://onlinepoll.ucla.edu . UCLA authenticated users acknowledge acceptance of this agreement by clicking through the (I Agree) button at the bottom of this webpage.


I agree that data obtained from UCLA's Online Polling tool (at http://onlinepoll.ucla.edu) will be used in aggregate to inform lectures, talks, discussions and garner feedback from events. I agree that data obtained will be used strictly for the business and to support the mission of the University. I agree to not use or attempt to use this data for research purposes without an IRB approval. I also agree to not use any UCLA OPT data for any commercial purposes.


I am aware that poll responses that receive complaints of inappropriate language that violate any policy of the University will result in review by the appropriate body, and may include suspension of my OPT account.

Data kept for a limited amount of time

I acknowledge that I have been informed that data collected using UCLA's OPT (Online Polling Tool) will be kept for the remaining amount of time left in the academic year in which it was used and one subsequent academic year.

Anonymous Data for Public Polls

Results that are made available for data collected with UCLA Online Polling Tool will be anonymous for any public poll.


I agree that any misuse of UCLA's Online Polling toll may result in the poll in question to be reviewed by the appropriate governing body and privileges to retain the rights to use UCLA's Online Polling Tool may be revoked by intended misuse of the tool.