UCLA commits to maintain the privacy of users of the UCLA Online Poll tool. UCLA also commits to describe how the data they input will and will not be utilized.

Public data Anonymous and displayed as Aggregate Data Only

Public data collected with UCLA's pilot OPT instance located at will be used only in the aggregate to inform lectures, talks, discussions and garner feedback from events . It is primarily a real-time feedback system that will provide faculty with an easy way to pilot interactive exercise embedded into their instruction. Data collected with UCLA Online Poll tool will be completely anonymous for any public poll.

Authenticated Data for Private Course and Group use

Data collected with UCLA Online Poll tool will be available as authenticated for faculty and staff in the form of course data and or private group use for University business.

Data collected for University Business purposes only

Data collected in these polls is expressly for the use of university business which include instruction, lectures, performances and many other events in support of the UCLA's core missions of Teaching, Research and Outreach.

Data will not be published without IRB approval

Data collected using UCLA's OPT polling tool will not be published without IRB approval.

Data kept for only 2 Quarters (3-6 months)

Data collected using UCLA's Online Poll tool will be kept for a maximum of two quarters, and beyond that timeframe, it will be deleted from the system.